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Outside the Central Asian countries such as Turkey, have opened special EU funds the Balkan countries. Can I benefit from these funds as a Turkish business, university or non-governmental organization?

I learned that the Cosme program offers opportunities for payday loans direct lender SMEs. Where can I follow the calls of this program in Turkish and English?

Some of the European Union calls only apply to non-governmental organizations. Can we take part in projects of these programs as business?

Improve video games we have a software company. Is there a European Union support that we can receive for our study in this framework?

hi me and my wife KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Training Completed the money place to open the place of money in my hand to open 50 thousand grants and 100 refund credits, so I can take 50 thousand grants and 100 refund credit, so I can start 50 thousand TL interest-free credit, so if I can start the invoice, so if I do this, if I do the interest-free credit, if this is the case without an interest-free credit. How I benefit from this direction, I also don’t need to go to the bank and have good studies ….

As business, we want to work on a product by cooperation with universities. Is the support we can benefit?

I would like to get a patent from Europe and other countries for a product we develop as business. Is Support Program available to meet the costs?